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IdeinLab Architects is not just another architectural firm. It was founded on the commitment to promote Innovation based Green Design that promoted green living even after the design got implemented.

Our shade of Green is hued with knowledge of Building Design & construction, sensitivity to land, her waters and natural resources.

Value engineering is the backbone of our decision.

The Client’s unexpressed and requested needs are the foundation for our solutions.
What we offer therefore are the following:

RESPONSIVE GREEN DESIGNS to the land, waters and natural resources
SMART DESIGNS promoting sustainability and futuristic design concepts
CRAFTED DESIGNS that speak volumes on aesthetics
INNOVATIVE DESIGNS based on lead user technologies

The organization was founded by Radha Eswar and Krish Murali Eswar who have had many years of experience in advising business houses on innovation and sustainability.

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We take pride in saying that we are not just architects, but integrated design consultants for habitats. Our scope of consultancy includes the following:
• Innovative, spatial design high on human experience
• Cost and material efficient structural design
• Design of sustainable water management strategies
• Design of energy systems that are efficient and incorporate use of renewable energy systems
• Design of Waste system using reduction, recycling, reuse and up scaling principles
• Architectural and energy-efficient lighting design
• Sustainable landscape designs that use indigenous plants and require minimum maintenance
Contact us for Master-planning, residential, institutional and commercial buildings, Interiors,their landscapes and services.


Green Architectural Design Consultancy.

Architectural design consultancy includes taking in user requirements, preparing design briefs, site evaluation, analysis and impact of proposed development on its immediate environs, design and site development, structural design, sanitary, plumbing, drainage, water supply and sewerage design, electrical, electronic, communication systems and design, heating, ventilation and air conditioning design and other mechanical systems, elevators and escalators, fire detection, fire protection and security systems, and periodic inspection and evaluation of construction works.



Sustainable Interiors & Furniture design Consultancy.

Sustainable Interiors & Furniture design consultancy involves providing innovative designs for specific user requirements which are easy on the pocket and the environment as well.



Value-Engineering Services.

Value engineering services involves common sense approach to each and every aspect of design. With our panel of expert consultants, we are able to provide high value to our customers without burning a hole in their pockets.

Value engineering in the field of water management, structural design, building materials and its usage, plumbing design, electrical design, interiors, etc. can bring a drastic reduction in the overall costing of a project, and add a very high value to be passed on to the end user.



Sustainable Project management and Construction.

Sustainable Project management and construction forms the backbone of our organisation. Without the expertise to execute a design, the whole purpose of sustainability is lost.

With our team of contractors, site engineers and supervisors; who are trained at reputed institutes of the country in sustainable and Alternative construction practices, we can assure our customers with the best product.



Green Retrofitting and Renovation.

With a passion to spread the mantra of Sustainable living and eco-friendly construction, Green retrofitting and renovation helps those who are looking to make a change to their existing premises.

It includes a thorough analysis of the existing construction, and improving upon it with methods and techniques that will benefit the customer in the long run.



Sustainable Joint development projects.

We welcome partners and investors to collaborate with us on ambitious projects involving development of large tracts of land into meaningful plotted developments, food forest plots, and residential communities, that represent our ethos and practices.


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The Team

Anuradha Eswar Desikan
Founder at IdeinLab Architects

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Krish Murali Eswar
Co-Founder, ArtyPlantz & IdeinLab Architects | Inbound Marketing Strategist @ Marketing Hypnotism

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Ashish Bhuvan
Sustainability Design Expert

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Charanyha Lakshmmi.S
Space & Product Design Expert

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