Our Strengths

Our deepest desire is to touch the earth softly with solutions that offer exquisite experiences for inhabitants that make it easy for them to live smartly and nobly. Towards this, we have as our driving force, the following principles. We are passionate about designs that

• Use integrated design principles
• Ensure that land and her waters are protected
• Promote sustainability and protect natural systems
• Create wealth from waste
• Ensure physical and mental well-being for individuals, community
• Pioneer use of renewable resources, and sustainable manufacturing processes
• Use innovation principles to create crate holistic solutions


Our team collectively has members with following expertise
• 100+ years of experience in the areas of sustainability and green technologies
• 50+ years in quality, strategy and innovation
• 50+ years in the digital application of computers for design
• Experience in simulation for lighting, heat and thermal comfort
• Experience in ethnography, experiential design
• Homegrown process for innovation based on lead-user principles
• Experience in value engineering and value-based design
• A network with scientists from premium institutes in India like IISc, I-AIM
• Experience in sourcing green materials from international sources
• We have appeared in TEDx Talks.
• We are on the steering committee of GRIHA, the Indian rating for sustainability
• Our team members have authored books published by UNDP, ADEME & ADB in the areas of water and energy management